Monday, September 2, 2013

Understanding The Urban Classical Approaches - Noteworthy Works.

Masters of their Times.

Patrick Geddes - One of the Masters
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Last time I wrote about 'The Failure of the Urban Planning'( which was a start for better understanding of the failure of the approach which the mankind has been following for more than a century or so and which needs a key attention towards the same. Cities may be themselves compared to a Homo Sapiens. As a human being has his lifetime, cities also takes birth, grows into an adulthood stage and then declines for the end. As humans have advanced in the field of medical sciences and decreased the mortality rate, the same strategy may be followed for curing up the cities and to increase their lifetime. But the measures so far taken, especially in the developing world(though the rate of population growth is more), the scenario may have been better if we could have taken steps in a more co-ordinated manner.

There were/are many urban planner who has supported the growth of the cities in tandem with the environmental aspects, socio-culture-economic aspects and they were wise enough to invent a new approach which somewhere is always linked with the subject of the ekistics. I have hereby compiled the information onto one platform in order to understand the methodology of various thinkers and inventors of a new approach which may be implemented in some parts or as a whole in developing a new sustainable developmental growth of the urban cities/places.

Since India is still developing and there is still very much left as far as the Urbanisation is concerned, there are new cities to be developed, as, following the old approach and the approach followed by the developed nations will not solve the issue, as our 's issue are different when talked about the planning part. We are amongst the countries with the highest population growth rate and inhabiting the whole population with proper human values and living should be the prime task ahead of us. We have already faced the problems of the slums and concentration should be given that they don't happens again at least in the new developments to be taken place.

I wish the planners understand their role in a more specific manner and understand the formation and actual constituents of a city/urban space. Development never stops and it's always better as early as we understands the need of the hour. 

This work contains some masters of their times in context with the milestones set in the field of Urban Planning. It may help in formulating a methodology and hence change the approach likewise so that inclusive and sustainable development may take place in true sense. The works of the masters of their times among the fraternity of the urban thinkers are noteworthy and should be taken a note of while performing any urban planning exercise. Have A Look at the Slides in the Above Link. I'll be back with a new blog soon. Have Fun and Enjoy the Life. 

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