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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Ancient Villages of Northern Syria

Human Settlements during and before the Byzantine period can be seen at the ruined site of what is now collectively known as the Ancient Villages of Northern Syria which dates back to as early as 1st century AD. Till 8th century AD, the villages were in occupation when they were left deserted due to scenes of epidemics which eventually created conditions of food shortage, etc,. UNESCO registered a group of 40 villages clustered in eight sites located in the Limestone Massif as the World Heritage Sites. The ruined architectural remains contains the yesterdays human dwellings, pagan temples and other places of worship, cisterns, meeting places, etc,. It has also seen destruction in the past decade or so due to several unwanted activities of a group of human beings.  

Image from nationalgeographic, wsjwhc, Syriaunesco & farm1

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

KayaKoy - An Ancient Turkish Town

In the 13th century AD some Greeks arrived at the site of Levissi from Dodecanese Islands. There were around 3,500 homes which housed Greeks at first and Anatolian Turks & Greeks alongside after the first stages of its human developmental story. The Greeks were majorly artisans and lived on the hillside while the Anatolians were dominatingly farmers and inhabited the floor beds of the valley. The Anatolians named it as Kayakoy (which literally means the rock village) with which name it’s now known as. 

After the first world war in 1923, the population exchange treatise forced around 6,500 citizens to leave the lands of Kayakoy which aimed to ensure that each nation had only one main religion. The founders had to depart due to the games of humanity. An earthquake in 1957 of the magnitude of 7.1 destroyed the buildings and left it deserted, empty & ruined. It was designated a status of protected archaeological site in 1988 and named as a World Friendship & Peace Village by the UNESCO. It received a Global appeal after the novel ‘Birds Without Wings’ by Louis de Bernières' which was published in 2004 where he developed a fictional village of Eskibahce of whose inspiration lied in the historic district of Kayakoy where Greeks & Turks used to live together in peace & harmony. 
The Nearby Town of Fethiye

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